About Us

Our Story

Darë Vegan Cheese was brought to conception in the thick of the Asheville food scene by owner and chef, Gwendolyn Hageman. Spending years in restaurants that catered to the original American diet, she found her true passion in creating food with "limitations".  This sent her in the direction of  teaching students at Warren Wilson College the art of vegan cuisine. Here, just like everywhere else, she heard the phrase "I can never be vegan, I can't give up cheese." She knew something could be done to fix that.

A Tradition of Taste

Using the same traditional cheesemaking techniques, sans dairy, Darë Vegan Cheese creates an artisan, aged, alternative- unique to Asheville. 

Our culturing process creates gut healthy probiotics that both flavor our cheeses, and give back to your body.

Mission of Caring

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and healthy food webs. Interested in learning more about the practices behind your purchases? Get in touch! We have answers.