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Dare Vegan Cheese

Roasted Garlic Plant-Based Wedge

Roasted Garlic Plant-Based Wedge

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Transforming the mundane into a gourmet extravaganza that’s sure to make your taste buds dance. This garlicky cheese is not just for spreading on bread; it transforms ordinary pasta into creamy garlic goodness, turns pizza rolls into a gourmet experience, and takes Grandma’s mac and cheese from comforting to mind-blowing. We combined our creamy, probiotic-rich cashew base with roasted garlic to make a dairy-free, lactose-free & vegan cheese that will become the hero in your culinary cookbook! 


Cashews. Coconut Milk. Filtered Water. Cultures. Salt. Coconut Oil. Nutritional Yeast. Garlic. Contains Cashew, Coconut.

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