Pronounced: / dair • y /

  • “I own an all vegan cafe and I have tried so many different kinds of vegan cheese. None of them are anywhere near as good as the products I've gotten from Darë. I've personally tried all of the different cheese offerings and can honestly say I've never had anything better. If you're hesitant to order - don't wait! This company makes amazing cheese!”


  • “The wedges are out of this world good. We had a vegan cheese plate for dinner one night and we all preferred Darë to even Miyoko’s. Must get more!”


  • “I had all three wedge flavors today and hands down this is the best vegan cheese I have ever had. Thank you Darë for creating these beautiful, delicious and healthy cheeses for us vegans looking to still enjoy cheese. I now have to control myself from wanting to devour the entire wedge!”


Gwendolyn Dare Hageman - Founder of Dare Vegan Cheese

Our Story

Darë Vegan Cheese started as a play on words from founder Gwendolyn Dare Hageman's middle name...

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  • Best Vegan Cheese Producers

    We are culinary experts at producing the very best vegan cheese. Following cheesemaking traditions and utilizing high-quality ingredients, we have perfected dairy-free cheese without dairy.

  • 100% Plant-Based Cheese

    Our bold, delicious flavors and our creamy & smooth texture, will have even the biggest cheesehead questioning how this cheese is totally plant-based. We’re lactose-free and flavor-full! Perfect for vegans and everyone with lactose intolerance searching for an alternative you can actually enjoy!

  • Healthy & Happy

    We thoughtfully produce animal milk-free cheese in alignment with a healthy planet and healthy humans! Our cholesterol-free cheese is also probiotic, making it a healthier choice for you and your family.

  • Sustainable & Handcrafted

    We prioritize environmentally friendly practices, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint than traditional dairy cheese. Our artisans strive to make our dairyless cheese delicious without compromising ethics and culinary craft.