Ansley's Veggie Mac and Cheese

Ansley's Veggie Mac and Cheese

Are you ready to take your taste buds on a wild ride? Imagine a creamy, cheesy dish that's not only delicious but also packed with vibrant, nutrient-rich veggies. Yes, we're talking about the ultimate comfort food - mac and cheese made with our vegan cheese and a rainbow of colorful veggies!


1 Roasted Garlic Wedge

1 Lusty Dragon Wedge

8oz Original Cream Cheese

2 Boxes of your favorite pasta

Season to taste with: Nutritional Yeast, Salt, Pepper


1 Crown of Broccoli, diced

1/2 Crown each Purple and Orange Cauliflower, diced

1 Medium Red Pepper, diced

3/4 cup Shredded Carrots

1 cup Peas



1. Preheat oven at 350*

2. Cook pasta according to directions on box. 

3. Over very low heat, melt and combine the wedges and cream cheese. Season to taste with nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper. 

4. Combine chopped veggies, cooked pasta, and cheese sauce. Pour into a lightly greased oven safe dish. Bake at 350* for ten minutes. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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