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The Alternative Milkman

The Alternative Milkman

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Cashew Milk: An exhilarating fusion of your cleanest ingredient dreams! Crafted from a delicious blend of creamy cashews and luscious coconuts, our secret weapon? Happy cultures, of course! Pour our Cashew Milk over cereal for a splendid morning treat, take your favorite caffeinated beverage to a whole new level, or pair it with cookies for an indulgent snack that'll make your taste buds dance with joy. 
Cultured Butter: Not just a delicious alternative; it's a dairy-free revelation. Imagine the creamy perfection of classic Amish roll butter, but with an irresistible vegan twist. Experience the rich, cultured goodness that spreads like a dream, delivering unparalleled flavor in every bite. Get ready to elevate your culinary creations with Darë Vegan Cheese's Cultured Vegan Butter – where classic meets extraordinary."
'Nilla Yogurt: Unlock the potential of your mornings with our dairy-free 'Nilla Yogurt, a sensational symphony of just five all-natural ingredients and the magic of active cultures! Dive into a world where every spoonful promises a journey of joy for your belly and a party for your taste buds.

Parmesan: Our latest recipe is a labor of love, meticulously created to enhance your culinary experiences. "Shakey cheese," but better. Add generously over your cherished dishes, especially delicious over a kale salad. However you choose to enjoy, also enjoy knowing we've chosen only the cleanest ingredients to replicate the age-old classic of Parmesan. 
Sour Cream: Indulge in the creamy richness of our vegan sour cream, made with traditional methods for that classic taste. Perfect for adding a tangy twist to your favorite dishes- make tzatziki, cremas and any other sauces just like traditional sour cream.


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